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samfind Bookmarks Bar

We make the websites you use handy.
Quick, versatile and free!

samfind Bookmarks Bar is a Firefox add-on that personalizes your browser with the websites you interact with regularly, and brings social, search and RSS to the Bookmarks Toolbar. Available for download as an add-on for Firefox the software gives you control of your browser's bookmarks based on your needs.

You can use samfind Bookmarks Bar to customize your web experience.

  • Be social with Digg, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter or any of about 100 others.
  • Search any and all of your favorite websites directly from the Bar.
  • RSS feeds at your fingertips for the websites that matter to you.
  • Customize every aspect of the Bar, the websites, its placement and layout.
What users are saying about samfind Bookmarks Bar:

... I know people who are very sensitive about making the best use of their toolbar space. For those folks, there's Samfind Bookmarks Bar, a free Firefox extension that replaces your toolbar bookmarks with favicons, allows toolbar access to your favorite social networks, and groups your favorite pages into categories that you define.

Alan Henry, PC Magazine's AppScout

If the Firefox bookmarks toolbar isn't doing the job, take a look at Samfind Bookmarks Bar. This free add-on provides access to many more sites and services in the same amount of space as the regular bookmarks toolbar.

Erik Larkin, PC World

This is truly one of the most useful add-ons I've found. The bookmarks I use most often are always right there, and it is extremely easy to customize, so you can control the look and feel to your liking. It's so intuitive, it makes me wonder why it hasn't been done before.

Jim Fidelibus

... the real power in samfind is ... in the customization potential. With the check of a single box Samfind can incorporate and replace the Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar--and do so with numerous enhancements. ... In all sincerity, all you have to do is install samfind and spend 10 or 15 minutes playing around with it. After that, you'll never use Firefox's Bookmarks Toolbar again.

Pariah Burke

This add-on gives a solid, easy to use graphic UI for your bookmarks even providing a search bar for each! ... My favorite part is how quickly this is to pick up, use, and customize with very little effort. Also the ability to digg, share with facebook and reddit the website you are all from the same toolbar is awesome.

Justin Adibi

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